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  1. I received $3,000 in my Bank. It took time but I got. Thanks you guy

    1. Thanks you for feedback

  2. Hi, send my deep thanks to support team, help me a lot to get my 3000 usd yesterday ! see you guys next week

    1. Thanks. u welcome !

  3. My friend gave me your website as he received a Paypal transfer from you, but i wanna buy the Bank transfer, I am in UK , please tell me what you need?

    1. Contact me soon to receive support
      ICQ : 44894489
      Email : Team.superccv@gmail.com

  4. U Are Most Trusted Seller
    Vouch for u

  5. Hey Team, I will like to do business with you…how can I contact you?…cuz ICQ is not working for me don’t know why…if you can show me how to setup my icq …it ok with me.

    1. If your ICQ is have problem
      You can contact me via email : Team.superccv@gmail.com

  6. I have a client who has Wells Fargo Bank account, can you wire money into the account?

    1. Of course if you want, no problem
      Contact ICQ 44894489 or Email Team.superccv@gmail.com
      We will support more clearly

      1. I emailed you

  7. I have loved trading with u mr even your prices are lowand out of $300 i have gotten $3000 bank transfer to chase account
    you are the most legit vendor i have come across after being ripped 4 times.Thanks alot

  8. Can you do bank transfer to Ghana? And also want know more about wu transfer.

    1. Yes i do it
      Contact ICQ 44894489 to know more details from me

  9. Looking to get bank logs in Ireland with balance €4000
    Do you have any tutorials aswell?

    1. Contact ICQ 44894489 or Email Team.superccv@gmail.com
      We will support soon

  10. Bank to Indonesia? email me about the details ASAP

  11. Can you transfer to HSBC Bank or Standard Chartered Bank in Indian Branches.

    1. Just WU transfer or Paypal transfer to your country
      Contact ICQ 44894489 !

  12. U can do transfer to my bank account BOA USA

    1. Of course if you want, no problem
      Contact me ICQ 44894489 to do deal !

  13. Good day Admin, please check your ICQ and kindly accept my request. I want to buy Chase Login. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Okay !
      We have sent reply

  14. I am a business man from Denmark, I order a lot of goods from China. My friend introduced me to this services and I ordered goods worth $15,000 from china and used this services to pay for the goods. I only paid 10%. Nice doing business with you guys, I will use your services regularly.

    1. Thanks for feedback
      Hope we will work for you long time !

  15. Hi Admin

    i contact you on ICQ from Cyprus. I will like to try business with you.
    New and big business venture WU Transfer and Bank Transfers.

    1. Check it
      We have reply your messager !

  16. hey bro !
    can you send to Punjab National Bank, India

    1. Hi. We can’t transfer to your banks country
      Check email pls !

  17. What is the bitcoins address to send the money

    1. Check your email pls !

  18. Received $5,000 payment my account
    Thanks sir, you are the best

    1. Good business. U welcome !

  19. I come from Viet Nam, Can I have money laundering and receive money at a Vietnamese bank? Message to me at tuyenhuynh2424@gmai.co

    1. Sorry
      I not do any to Bank Vietnamese bro

  20. Hi, I’m interested in bank transfer.. can you do to Nigeria bank?

    1. Of course if you want, no problem
      Contact ICQ 44894489 or Email Team.superccv@gmail.com

  21. Singapore Bank Transfer?

    1. Yes bro
      Contact we ICQ 44894489 or Email Team.superccv@gmail.com

  22. i need western union urgently please help

    1. Contact ICQ 44894489 or Email Team.superccv@gmail.com

  23. can you make a transfer to US BOA? need more info

    1. Of course if you want, no problem
      Contact me soon to know more details bro !

  24. can you make bank transfer to Ghana/Africa

    1. Of course if you want
      Contact me soon !

  25. If this bank transfer service worked for you pls coment

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