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  1. Thank boss so much
    I picked up 5000 usd without problem at wu agent i will recommend my familiar to your team soon

    1. Thank. Hope we will work for you more

  2. Hey how can I buy? Need a wu transfer asap

    1. Contact ICQ 44894489

  3. Today i’ve paid him $300 btc and he sent me mtcn code within 30 minutes. my drop picked up the money nicely. very impressive work.

    1. Thanks for the feedblack šŸ™‚

  4. Just picked up the wu mtcn which you provided me. it was a great experience though. good money and good job my bro.

  5. great work man šŸ™‚ happy to see this

  6. How to get start with the $3000 amount?
    I want test your first business

    1. Fee $300 for MTCN $3000
      Contact ICQ 44894489 or Email Team.superccv@gmail.com
      We will start for that

  7. How much for a wu transfer for 3000and can i collect it in ireland

    1. Of course if you want
      fee $300 for MTCN $3000
      Contact our ICQ 44894489

  8. Great, I got my 3000 dollars after buying nearly 40 minutes. I will withdraw cash, then I can make another transaction with you!

    1. Okay bro
      U welcome !

  9. Hi do you make WU transfer to Lebanon Beirut??

    1. Yes, we can do it. Contact our ICQ 44894489

  10. I would like to start buying 3k and receive money at Western Union, I am from Us, Texas, some ppl in underground site gave good words about your work, please email me. Thank you.

    1. I emailed you, check it bro !

  11. I need WU $4000

    1. Contact our ICQ 44894489 or Email Team.superccv@gmail.com

  12. Hey, got recommendation from my friend, would like to buy 3000 wu transfer. I wanna pay via Bitcoin or Perfect Money . Wait for your email.

    1. Emailed. check it right

  13. Hi, send my deep thanks to support team, help me a lot to get my 3000 usd yesterday! See you guys next week

    1. Thanks for feedback
      See you next week

  14. My Western Union transfer has passed through and resulted $5000 in cash. Genuine!!!
    Vouch for guy !

    1. Thanks for vouch
      U welcome !

  15. Has anybody bought WU from them and was sent MTCN? Iā€™m really scared to be ripped again

    1. We are legit vendor with alot transaction before, so you dont worry
      Contact our ICQ 44894489 for more details

  16. Hi where can i contact u from i am very interested in this bro

    1. Contact our ICQ 44894489 or Email Team.superccv@gmail.com


    1. U welcome !

  18. Thanks alot for fast response , received money on my hands with Your WU service

    1. U welcome !

  19. I need WU transfer soon bro
    How are the deal?

    1. Contact ICQ 44894489 or Email Team.superccv@gmail.com

  20. You guys are definitely LEGIT, I and my friend got money this week without problem form Western Union, we will contact again with you soon !!!

    1. Thanks
      Hope to be working for you and your friend more

  21. Hello can you send any reference

    1. Contact our ICQ 44894489

  22. Thank you guys !!! My first ever legit transfer! you guys are great..

    1. Thanks for the feedback
      U welcome !

  23. Is this site legit. I have been scammed 4 times before please don’t scam me

    1. Im legit hacker for this job bro
      Contact our ICQ 44894489

  24. I’m praying to God this is legit.

    1. Yes
      Am legit hacker
      Contact our ICQ 44894489

  25. 300$ is a lot.
    Especially without escrow.
    Please do less order for test.
    Then I’ll buy you 30,000$.

    1. $300 for MTCN $3000
      It is minimum in my business
      This is rule work, hope you understand bro
      Am legit hacker

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